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Pyrotechnic & Firework Events

You Provide the Bang, we provide the medical cover to keep all your staff and attendees safe.

Traditionally fireworks displays have been held on November 5th, often with a local organisation arranging a large display for the whole community. However,  recently, firework displays have also become increasingly popular at other times of the year too, including Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, festivals, and at smaller social gatherings such as corporate parties and weddings.

  • We work with you to complete risk assessments

  • Can supply ambulances for patient transport

  • Friendly, Highly Trained teams of medics

  • Flexable to your needs

  • Able to travel up and down the country

  • We love Fireworks!

First Line Medical provides bespoke services at Firework Displays taking away the stress and often time-consuming hard work that is involved in organising medical provision at their Firework event.

Our dynamic risk assessments allow us to calculate how much medical coverage you’ll require and exactly what assets you will need on-site.

Medical Cover for Firework Displays throughtout Northamptonshire


Communicated well up to and during the event, delivered what they said they would with a friendly team, great to work with

Mawsley Fireworks

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