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Digital Two Way Radios
Short Term
Radio Hire

Seamless communication at events is vital to the smooth running and safety of all those attending. From medical issues to security concerns and staff welfare digital radios make communicating with each other effortless. 

Our short-term hire radios are programmed to your specifications and ready to go the minute they land on site, and with brands such as Hytera and Motorola you know you can depend on them. 

Seconds matter in an emergency and phone signals can be unreliable in big crowds so speak to us today about reliable communications. 

two way radio communication
motorola two way radios to hire.jpg

Why Hire Radios? 

​All of our short-term radio hires come with the below features as standard:

  • Long-lasting battery - at least 12 hours 

  • Emergency Alarm

  • Digital voice, louder and clearer 

  • Multiple Channels - 1 Event, 2 Security, 3 Medical 

  • Easy Operation 

  • Affordable pricing 

  • Dust and water-resistant

Digital radios are reliable, easy to use and are easily scalable should you need more or less. 


We're on hand to answer any questions you may have and can assist you with picking the right solution for your event. 

Use your Skills

As a medical provider we can help you use the skills you've learnt and get paid. 

Continued Training

Our inhouse training team hold regular CPD training sessions open to public.

Remote Training

Our trainers can deliver Ofqual Regulated Qualifications at your business. 

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