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Party and Nightclub Medical Cover

First Line Medical are able to offer a bespoke service to venues, taking away the stress and often time-consuming hard work that is involved in organising medical provision at their establishment.

Our experienced team knows just the right questions to ask to ensure an accurate initial risk assessment is undertaken, which will then allow our clinical leads to determine the correct level of resources needed for your town or venue.

Whilst people may not think there is a specific need for medical staff to be in attendance at Nightclubs, the opposite has in fact been proven on many occasions; certain club owners who have chosen to enlist the provision of medical cover at their venue on busier evenings have seen a dramatic fall in the number of NHS ambulances having to attend.

  • Caring and Compassionate

  • Free up your staff/door supervisors

  • Reduce A&E Admissions

  • Work with you to identify possible risks and rectify them

This instantly reduces pressure on the venue and its staff, who are able to continue with their designated roles, rather than being called away to treat and care for a patient until medical assistance arrives. It also creates less disturbance to the club as a whole, as incidents are able to be dealt with in a much more discreet, timely manner.

Our team is highly skilled and experienced in assessing, treating, and monitoring patients on-site where appropriate, and also in assessing when a patient requires additional treatment at a hospital. Our training and experience assist us with de-escalating and communicating with intoxicated patients.

We’d love to hear from you if you are a venue owner or are part of a local “Pubwatch” group.

First line Medical medical out supporting the bars and night clubs


Having a medic with us on Friday and Saturday nights frees up our door staff and also increases customer safety. They are able to deal with things straight away without always needing an ambulance.

Tracey, Pop Central

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